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22 Mayıs 2011 Pazar

Children Educational Games

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics (Preschool & Kindergarten)

Join Reader Rabbit on a joyful journey to build reading confidence and success!
Develop essential reading skills while exploring 26 Letter Lands filled with fun phonics activities and engaging
storybooks. Practice language arts skills while playing with four fabulous word-making machines at the Word Factory.
This program is a first step toward building a life-long love of reading.

Size:588 Mb (UnRar)
Format: ISO

Code: Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Reader_Rabbit.part1.rar
Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Reader_Rabbit.part2.rar
Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: Reader_Rabbit.part3.rar

On-Track Vocabulary Puzzles. Grades K - 1

On-Track Vocabulary Puzzles 1 software, colorful pencils point the way to help children sharpen their first grade vocabulary skills.
Audio guidance, easy instructions and delightful animations make On-Track Vocabulary Puzzles 1 software simple and fun.
A variety of puzzle activities introduce nouns, verbs, adjectives, vowel sounds and more.
Children continually check their progress as they work in order or skip ahead for self-paced learning.
Exciting arcade games provide a fun break to keep children motivated.
Personalized printouts report progress and reward performance. A bonus workbook gives added practice.

Size: 420 MB
Format: ISO

Code: Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: On_Track_Vocabulary_Puzzles_Grade_1.part1.rar
Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: On_Track_Vocabulary_Puzzles_Grade_1.part2.rar